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You can pay per session, or save money by paying for a full term. The current term runs from 11 January to 7 April 2020.

Mat Fee
Term Fee

Training once per week, valid from 11 January to 7 April 2020

Term Fee

Training twice per week, valid from 11 January to 7 April 2020


Pay for Membership

All British Judo Council (BJC) licences issued on the behalf of Alexandra Park Judo Club expire on 30th September 2019.

Persons participating in judo at Alexandra Park Judo Club must hold a valid, up to date BJC licence. This is to ensure members have the necessary insurance to partake in judo and also allows members to compete and grade at club, area and national events.

BJC & Club Membership

Valid until 30th September 2020


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We use Stripe, a third party payment processor to securely handle all payments. Alexandra Park Judo Club does not store or process any credit card information.

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