Senior Club Grading 00
10th Dec 2019 - 20:00
at Alexandra Park Judo Club

As part of the BJC, Alexandra Park Judo Club perform gradings according to the BJC syllabus

Both adults and children grade through a series of belts leading to the coveted black belt.

Gradings take place twice a year (Winter & Summer) in the normal club sessions.

Gradings consist of the following:

  • Fundamental Skills – Breakfalls, Throws, Holds etc
  • Performance Skills – Techniques on the move combinations and counters etc
  • Personal Choice – Options of techniques chosen and performed by the candidate
  • Terminology and Suplementry Knowledge – Japanese language related to judo, rules, referees signals etc

The Club Coaches are qualified to take gradings up and including 3rd kyu (green belt). For 2nd kyu and above, members are encouraged to attend the Regional Gradings held in every year Winter & Summer.

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